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We have worked with many blue chip companies, government departments and members of the Royal Family to produce the very best in corporate events.

We have an in house team of camera operators, A/V technicians and post-production experts who will provide the highest quality event on budget and on time.

We can produce the live event and film from get in to get out to produce a DVD for the archive. For some events we can even edit “live” and produce copies to be given to all attendees on the egress.

We have in house creative teams but we often work with independent directors so we have the experience of understanding other creative people’s approach to projects.

We can film and edit “away days” and show the events of the day during the evening meal and provide copies to go in the goody bags.

Our clients include Tesco, BMW, Nat West Bank, Tmobile, Brook St., Airbus, Ocean Spray and The Disney Corporation.

We can provide people to work directly with clients from the first thought or idea to completion of the project.

We have the experience to enhance your experience.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.